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The white-water course is designed for use as a tourist attraction and by sports clubs but will also be made available to Dublin Fire Brigade and other emergency services as a training resource. It is expected to draw thousands of visitors on an annual basis.

The team behind Smart Cities, an arm of Dublin City Council which looks at developing Dublin using new and innovative technologies, has produced a 3-D vision of what the white-water rafting course will look like as part of its Smart Docklands project. 

The video shows an inner reservoir of water surrounded by the white-water rafting course. Cafes already located along the CHQ building will overlook the attraction. 

Jamie Cudden, head of the Smart Cities initiative said offering a visualisation of the project will “create a more informed discussion” on what the project will mean for local businesses and residents. 

“This is a really exciting project for the Docklands and I think a lot of people are talking about animating the area, and this water animation strategy brings a lot of life to this. 

“It’s something different as well, and shows the combination of all these things that will be great additions for the area and the local amenities.

“I think this idea of seeing what the potential is, and even more so doing that at an earlier stage lets people see if they like it and it creates a more informed discussion, so it’s a great tool,”

15   /   11   /   2019

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