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D3D is well established as a leading company in the Land surveying and Geomatics sector. We cater for projects of all scales from very large local authority and golf course developments, to small private projects. The company consists of an experienced and skilled team operating the latest in survey equipment and technology. Our focus is on providing high quality surveys on time and within budget.

D3D Geo Surveying have completed some of the largest surveying projects awarded by local authorities in Ireland. D3D Geo Surveying always collect highly accurate data, which is fully attributed for computer modelling. Surveys may then be brought to life accurately in 3D. For larger areas we can combine D3D Geo Surveying with D3D Aerial Mapping to utilise the advantages of each of the survey methodologies. When used in tandem time and costs can be significantly reduced compared to traditional ground surveying.

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D3D Aerial Mapping is the most cost effective way to collect highly accurate data of large project areas. On mapping an area the level of detail taken is so great that even the heights of trees, walls and poles are recorded.

Aerial surveying provides effective mapping of large areas and is the choice of national mapping agencies worldwide. Using the latest mapping technology, D3D Aerial Mapping can bring this cost effective mapping to projects of any size and any global location.

Aerial survey is a non-invasive mapping technology, enabling accurate mapping to be undertaken with no site presence. It is also uniquely suitable for mapping restricted and inaccessible areas e.g: golf courses, cities, quarries and historical sites.

D3D Aerial Mapping can seamlessly work with D3D Geo surveying to produce surveys. The accurate data collected can then be used by D3D Computer Modelling to produce a mathematically accurate 3D model of your project.


D3D Computer Modelling specialises in generating 3D models of existing and proposed developments, allowing you to make fully informed decisions. Utilising our patented process and software we can produce 3 dimensional model of the existing site and insert into same the proposed new development.

Unlike traditional physical models the 3D models are easily reusable and expandable. Multiple versions with alternative designs can be examined without rebuilding the entire model.


Photomontages are frequently requested by planning authorities as Verified Views in support of a planning application and this will involve a site survey to identify the camera positions and height data of the site. We can produce Verified Views using a stated methodology at different levels of detail ranging from building outlines to photorealistic visuals that are fully matched to the lighting conditions of the site photograph.

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